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Trevor's Thoughts

There wont be anything like DAILY thoughts here, oh no, that takes a poetic genius to do that. I only have a few that I want to express here.

Since the 2 idiots, yes, the ONLY 2 idiots, that have problems with me (as much as they'd like to think its as much people who dont like them) tend to like bashing me through the internet rather than to my face since they know I'd level them, I'll go ahead and respond. This is going to be quite deep...


"WAAAAAHH!!! WAAAAAAHH!! Why doesnt anyone like me?? I used to have friends, and one real good one who let me live at his house after my mom kicked me out of my house, but I have decided that I'm going to become a major jackass and annoy the shit out of all of my friends! And wait, here we go, after my friend invites me into his home, a whole-hearted act out of pure kindness and humbleness, I know what I'm going to do! I'm going to go behind his back, and since I cant get any myself in a real relationship, I'm going to be dumb enough to proposition his girlfriend. And better yet, I'll tell her, that, I know exactly when he's working, and when no one else is home! And that way we can do it at his house! Alright! Wait.. Wait.. that wont work, women dont find me attractive anymore, hold on.. gotta think of something else. I know, I'll make a website where I can go and write my sob-filled stories of "Why me?" and jealousy filled passages about my friend, and that will be cool because he wont know it was him I was talking about! No, wait, wait, I forgot, he's smarter than I look... Ok! I got it! I'll just stop going to school! Thats it! I'll stop going, and then completely not even care/do anything about the fact that I never made up my classes that I could have easily done, and this way, I can drop out of school, but still freeload off of his family for the next half a year until I go to basic training! No, wait, wait, that wont work, I forgot, I have never had to answer to anyone of authority before, and these people wont let me do that. Well, I'm sure I'll figure something out..."

That was a pretty damn accurate depicture of Bryan, besides the fact that there were no spelling errors. Now as for you Chris, I could go one twice as long doing a rendition like that, but I'd rather just point out your dumbness. First of all, its obvious you dont know ANYTHING about this situation, AT ALL. Seeing as how I have every right to be pissed at bryan for coming on to marissa, and you of all people should know that, seeing as how your girlfriend likes other guys- dah, sorry, I mean since that has (ALMOST) happened to you. Secondly, its more obvious that you're doing this simply because you saw Bryan cutting HIMSELF off, not me doing anything, and thought, ooooh, theres someone I can get with, "We've both been pushed away by Trevor, why is he so mean, I mean -sob- I wish he wouldnt -sob- be so controlling and -sob- be so harsh on us." Waah, Waah, Waah, Waah. You 2 sound like 2 snivelling little babies whining about how a girl just left you. And you tell me to grow up? Phooey! Thats right! Phooey! Your whole little email sent to bryan was a piss poor mix of what Andrew has said about Nick on your website, and what Bryan claimed about me on his gay ass page. Now if you ever do want to talk to me, I'll be more than obliged, but try to grasp this as a closing thought. You 2 whine about how "Trevor never came to us, blah blah blah, waah, waah, waah." Well, 2 things about that, 1)Who the hell says you deserve anything from me? You're the ones being the asshole here, and its funny that you think one person could, and I quote, "turn all of my friends against me" Think about it, its not possible. 2)You guys sure as shit never made more than an ounce's effort to say anything to me, and if anyone were to say anything, it would be you guys, since both of you were the pathetic losers who were, and are now still looked down upon. Chris, you may simply just have a case of Dumbassitis, but I doubt you would ever try to get your best friend's girlfriend to cheat on you. Even though neither of you could ever actually persuade a girl to do that, its the pure fact of the matter that as friends to us, boyfriends to your ex girlfriends, what ever, I dont care, YOU'RE not worth MY time. So that answers your ageless question, or whine I should say of, "Why wont he talk to me?" Good God, just thinking about it makes you guys sound like you were just broken up with for gosh golly sakes! In conclusion you guys are phooey on the bottom of my shoe, and I could care less if I ever see/hear of you again. PHOOEY!