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Show Reviews

Latest Shows:

Mon. April 9th 2001 Celebrate Skyline @ SHS

This was a great night! Other than Jared's guitar breaking because the stupid ass that wired it messed up it went great. We played our 3 new songs that we have made since Febuary when we got our entire band together, and it was a smash. There were a few things that really sucked though. The first thing was the "organizer" of the whole event really had no organization whatsoever. We were all supposed to have 10 minute sets, and Zero Hour went a tad over, who cares! My suggestion would to be to have someone who wasnt participating in the event run it, and actually have order, but anyways. The other thing that was stupid, was Chris from Samsara/Nymph took Jared aside after our set and informed us (as if we were in trouble or something) that we "went for 15 minutes," and "everyone was mad at us". Well, this is no shock coming from him trying to do whatever it is he was trying to do, make himself sound in charge, or cool, or simply trying to make us look bad. But even though we knew he was full of shit, we reviewed our videotape, and, we actually played for only 9 minutes, so, sorry about that one. And as far as everyone being mad at us, even Travis said he didnt know what the fuck that was about. But other than those 2 things, the show was great, and not even that got our spirits down.

October 31st, 2000. Jared's Garage

This performance wasn't all that great. There were many problems that probably came from the fact that we didn't have much time to setup and prepare for this show. The major highlight for the show was when Jared and Trevor were playing All the Small Things and an old guy (who was probably whacking off and we were screwing up his rythm) came over and yelled at us and told us that he was going to call the cops. That was cool! Ya so that's basically what happened at that show.

June 16th, 2000. Jared's house

An intresting show, with a small 4 song set-list. We had a crazy fan show up weraing our first t-shirt! (see picture Gallery) A problem arose when that fan rushed the band screaming unknown mumbles into Bryan's mic. While leaving, that fan broke Steven's patch cord, disabling one of the mic's. Besides Steven forgetting the words to "Drunken Ramblings" the show went alright.