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The Moron Page

This page is dedicated to a big moron. Bryan, you dont have any idea how dumb you keep getting and sounding to all of us. First of all, a news break, I never go to your page, I dont know why you think I do, second, another news flash, you know how you're so certain I'm making all of those wise cracks? WOW! You're stupid, those were put up by someone thats not even in the band smart guy. You presume way too much, like back when you fucked up, and I got you kicked out, well, you thought that wouldnt happen either. But anyways, just to set you straight, lets see everything that YOU are wrong about. All of those things on the Discography page, those are all jokes. Not to mention made by someone else, another thing, I was told to go to your waste of space of a site because I would laugh my ass off, and boy did I. You see, the problem with your site is, I mean, basically you, whining about something, either about your phantom girlfriend, or bitching about me, you know, I think you really need to look at your own "Thoughts" if they can really be called that, and do some sort of maturing. But back to what you're wrong about. Another thing about your little entry, you're trying to pick a fight with me over your gay little site that no one really reads. I mean really, you're telling me to grow up? And I know you're reading this because you really have nothing else to do than go online and gawk, or write your cute little songs. So You know what? I'm not going to respond to your little bring it bitch thing, thats just gay. And to tell you the truth, I've wasted too much time talking about you, time that I could have been doing something much more interesting and important, like, cleaning the grime off of a toilet or something. So there you go, everything for you in one tight little bundle. In the words of the Great Mick Foley, you have a nice day.