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Newest News At The Top

7/7/01 Updating stuff, Rob left, he will be gone for about 5 weeks or so, we'll keep the stuff we have as fresh as we can, but with missing one of our guitarists, its kinda hard. We are going to set up some shows at Pine Lake Community Center and stuff, also, gonna check into whether or not the Issaquah Community Center wants to do it again. And then possibly that place in Kirkland we talked about earlier. Half the band went to Warped Tour, and it kicked ass! If anyone else went, you know what I'm talking about, it was just all around coolness. Check back for more on these shows everyonce in a while, peace out.

6/29/01 As of now, unless something really weird happens, we're not playing another show until after Aug. 15th or so when Rob gets back from OCS (Officer Commisioning School). So look for us to be playing a lot of shows from then on to the end of summer, then we will have to give the big callin it quits! At our last practice we had a couple days ago, not only did we really nail the 2 covers that we do, and the 2 originals that we have, but, we made 2 new songs, that are really good. So now, with those, possibly more originals, and maybe even one or 2 more covers, we will be dealing with around a half hour to forty minute set. And since we will be planning on making a lot of shows with a small number of bands, they will hopefully be able to play more. So, thats all for now. Check back for more info.

The site is going to be more regularly attended to once again, and actually going to hopefully make people want to come see it! The show on the 16th was great, hopefully we will get to play a lot more this summer. If anyone has any ideas on what they'd like to see on this site or anything, give an email to , and hopefully we can set it up on there. Rob is leaving for Officer Commisioning school for about a month, but afterwards will be back, so it is up in the air right now what we'll do during that, we will probably just work a lot and get really ready for another show. Keep tuning in for more news!

6/12/01 The new website, will probably not be put up seeing as how the end is coming near for our band and everyone seems to be too busy anyways. So IF you are actually reading this, you'll have to deal with this crappy one. I wish you guys could have seen the other one, it was great. But anyhoo, on to business, we will be playing at the Issaquah Community Center Show on the 16th, We'll be playing our Untitled/instrumental song, Suckage, Driving to Hawaii, Say it Aint so by Weezer, and then one more song looking to be worked on and performed with Rob Swenson, if you dont know him, you should, he's awesome. If we pull off a successful show this saturday, it'll be tremendous, so wish us luck, and we'll see you there! P.S. SCHOOL IS FREAKIN OVER!!!!!


The new website will be up and running on May 29th, 2001. It probably won't be finished when we put it up. So just bare with us and when it is complete it should be really cool.


Prom weekend, not a lot else happened, it was probably the center of the weekend, even though it was on friday. We are going to be recording again soon because the demo wasnt to everyone's liking. We've taken a bit of a break for a week or so for prom and to let everything sink in, so next week we will be hitting practice hard again and busting out some more good sounds. More from us later.


So we finally go in and record today. The only problem is that Jared doesn't have a guitar. So that might end up being a huge ass fucking problem if he doesn't find one. Well that's all from here. The End


We finally are going to record our demo. After all the shit that we have gone through to get recording time. The band is finally going to get into a studio to record. Tomorrow we will be hard at work from 4:30 p.m. to probably pushing 10 p.m. Then probably a week after recording we will have our demo ready for the public. Tony Johnson is set to get the 6th copy of the CD and he plans on listening to it all day everday for the rest of his short and pointless life. So ya e-mail us if you want a copy of the demo and we'll get to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


Spaz Corps now movie stars? You heard it right folks. Spaz Corps will be starring in their first full length feature film entitled "Darrrr" a true life story of Trevor and Matt's exciting adventures of riding the short bus. This film is written and directed by Tony Johnson and is rated X for hardcore short bus sex.

The band was supposed to go in for recording yesterday but that fell through but we are all set to go into record our demo on Thursday. Lyrics for I Hate Metalheads, Driving to Hawaii and Suckage will be up soon.


So we are set to record on Sunday at school. The demo will be released about a week after recording. There will be three tracks on the demo. Tony Johnson gets the 6th copy of the CD because he IS the biggiest fan.


We have set up recording time with Mr. Johnson from SHS after Spring Break, this is really cool because he is a professional, has really good equipment (better than anyone we could possibly even KNOW) and is going to run it for us.


Hey, this is Trevor, just doing an update, thats 2 in one day ANDREW! Anyways, just letting everyone know that (if they dont already know) we are playing Celebrate Skyline *does whacking off motion*, but anyways, we're playing there around 9:40, so anyone who reads this should come see us, we're playing the Auxillary Gym, number 1 I believe. So come support your local punk bitches and see us!


It's official, Spaz Corps is cooler than all of you. In a survey taken by the members of Spaz Corps and some hobo on the street, it is voted 5 to 1 that Spaz Corps is officially cooler than you.