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Here is our beloved merchandiser Tony, we finally found out who that fool was (see pictures page) so we gave him a job, once we have stuff to sell i.e. cd's, shirts, customized head ties from Trevor, or anything, we'll put it right here and Tony will be in charge of it. Well, when we finally put it on here, email Mr. Tony Johnson at to place your order!

Merchandise In Development:

1. Matt Hornland Pull-String Toy
-Says things such as "Hoser", "Eh" and "Ukraine is not weak, Ukraine is strong!"

2. New Steven T-shirts
-Prom Prince t-shirt to celebrate his glorious victory
-"That's a nice hat" on front "For me to poop on" on back

3. Jared Chambers ball of rage
-Squishy ball to squish during times of rage

4. Jared Chambers spiky hair wig

5. Luap Official Gum
-Now, just like Luap when somebody asked if you want food you too can say "No, I have gum"

6. Trevor Drumm Action Figure
-Fully poseable limbs, karate chop action

7. Spaz Corps Trading Cards