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The Hippodrome

Things sold at the Hippodrome:

New Stuff Added November 27, 2000

-Disposable sheets (like Kleenex)
-2 Story Outhouses
-Tampons with Wings
-Man Whore Licensise
-Spirit Crushers (Silly Slammers)
-Sex in a Can, Just Add Water
-STD's in a Can
-Canned Diseases
-Coke in Pepsi Cans
-Pepsi in Coke Cans
-Fish Heads on a Stick

Old Stuff Not Added November 27, 2000

-Solar Flashlights
-Black and White Coloring Books
-Misfortune Cookies
-Midget & Giant Furniature
-Hornmark Cards
-Left Handed Scissors
-Cans of Shut the Hell Up
-Boobie Balloons
-Books on How to Read
-Waterproof Sponge
-Colorful Torture Devices
-Shriner Cars
-Fat Person accessories
-Glow in the Dark Cock Rings
-Flavored Rat Poison
-Ass-Flavored Cat Food
-See Through Mirrors
-Portable Port-a-Potties
-Reusable Toilet Paper and Tissues
-Disposable Pants
-Dissolving Swimsuits
-Glow in the Dark Sunglasses
-Instruction Videos for the Blind

If you would like to purchase any of these items please talk to Matt or Mike.

The Hippodrome will have a drive through bar which serves only beer and pancakes. And if Authorities show up, the pancake sign will be put up, otherwise, the sign will say Booze and Strippers. Also, a stripper will be taking the cash at window one