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Spaz Corps' Official Webpage!

7/15/01 Nothing really to update. In fact, until we get things going again in mid August, I dont think there will be another update on this page. Check back in about a month or so for more stuff.

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Welcome to Spaz Corps' official website. Keep on coming back and check the site for news, concert information and when "Safety First" is going to be released!

We need more fanmail to post on the website! So Email us your opinions, positive or negative, feedback, and anything else you can think of! The first few will be posted on the website, for the rest, we will post them if we like it! So send those emails!

For show information, visit the Show reviews section!!!!

Spaz Corps is:

Jared Chambers: Guitars

Trevor Drumm: Drums

Luap: Bass

Matt Hornland: Vocals

Steven Swenson: Vocals

Rob Swenson: Guitar/vocals