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Find out more than you wanted to know!


Jared (Jamaican Superstar)

My name is Jared and I am a ball of rage. I was produced in the small town of Portland, Oregon on October 20, 1982. Then I moved to Long Beach California for nine months. While in Long Beach my mom was on the Price is Right and she won a ton of stuff. Then we moved back to the small town of Portland and lived there for a while. Then I moved to Missoula, Montana where I started learning music. Not on guitar but piano. Yep I was a piano nerd. Then after living there for too long we moved to Boise, Idaho. It's hot like hell but nice not like hell. So ya I lived there until freshman year when I moved to Issaquah and finally got my hands on a guitar. After playing for almost two years I showed Trevor and Bryan some of the stuff that I had written and they decided to start this band with me. So ya that's my story.

Matt (King of Canadia)

I'm Matt. I'm from Canadia. Loud noises scare me. That's why I wear ear plugs when we practice because then our music doesn't scare me that much. I snowboard and pretend like I know how to skateboard. I do know how to free style walk though. So suck it. I'm better then all of you.


Trevor (The Dickmaster)

Trevor is the everloving drummer who all the girls scream for(Note from Jared: Not really, not really at all).... or so he likes to think. Ok and back to reality we go, he first started drums when his friend Andrew came up to him and was talking about starting a band. When he first heard this Trevor brushed it off because Andrew had been wanting to start a band for the longest time, and that was all, just wanting to start one, nothing more. Andrew had just got a guitar and wanted badly to play with other people, so when I saw that he was getting serious, and looked at a few drum sets, I figured, Why not? I mean, I've always loved music why not play it too? So thats where I started, with Andrew, Mike, Tony, and Brian. People from back then will know who that is... So we went through lots of transition, and by the time we actually started doing stuff the band was then Andrew, Bryan, Chris and I. Well through many months of empty band practice and huge ego's running rampant from the singer, and not having any original songs rather than one little 30 second thing that I didnt even play in that could be classified as nothing more than the guitarists all tuning their guitars I left.


LUAP (Nate)

I'm the bassist. I play bass.

Steven (Rhyme Busta)

My name is Steven and I was Prom Prince. So that makes me better then the rest of you. So suck it.

This is when Lost Cause was forming. Since the beginning the band has had a few changes, Steven Swenson was, for a short period of time, the band's lead vocalist. Then Bryan Wysong was the bassist and then he quit. Then Luap joined the band as the new bassist. Steven Swenson is the new lead vocalist and Matt Hornland does Vocals as well as him being the new mix master despite the fact he doesn't own a mixer and he doesn't know how. So be on the lookout for their first full-length CD "Baugh"