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Trevor's Thoughts

Ok, here we go, this will only be a few thoughts, and I dont really plan on putting any more up, no, these wont be DAILY thoughts, that would take a poetic genius of some sort. But anyways, since the ONLY 2 people who have problems with me(all the others actually just think they suck) do nothing but attack/slander me on the internet, mainly because they knew if they said anything to me in person like they do on their faggy emails or websites that I'd knock them off their ass. It's True. But anyways, since they know only the internet as a medium, I will do the same. First I'll do an impression of one of the people that I dont like, hold on for a sec, this will be deep...


"Waaaah!! WAAAAAAAH! Why doesnt anyone like me? Why dont I have any friends anymore except for the freshmen in ROTC? Well, I know what I'll do. Seeing as how my mom kicked me out of my house, I'll move in with my best friend! Yeah! I'll move into HIS house and do nothing but freeload, help with no chores whatsoever, and waltz around like a queer thinking that I count as much as my friend and his brother do to his dad! It's perfect! Ok, so I'm staying here and its great, no problems, but wait! Things are going too good... and seeing as how I was dumb enough to break up with my nice girlfriend cause she wasnt giving me any, I'll ask my friend's girlfriend for some! Yeah, and then I can be all sneaky and tell her that I know when he's at work, and I know when the house will be all to ourselves! Wait, wait, no, that wont work, I forgot girls dont find me attractive, ok, I'll have to do something else,

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